Affordable Healthcare Plans

Here at California Health Insurance, we can provide every individual with affordable healthcare plans. Every one of us here in this marketplace shares one vision, and that is to provide people a path to better health. We make sure that every individual, can have better health, without jeopardizing their financial statuses. California Health Insurance can provide a wide range of health solutions through our well-known insurance providers. Here is the list of health insurance plans that we can offer you.


Affordable Medical plans

California Health Insurance offers employees, families, and individuals, access to a medical provider that is affordable with complete care plans.
Together, let's help you maintain your health.


Wellness Plans

We offer health and wellness plans to all individuals and employees, for a smarter lifestyle, and more productive living.


prescribed drugs plan

Our well-known insurance providers are offering plans that can be effective for all individuals who have maintaining medications. It lowers the price of prescription drugs.


Dental health plans

California Health Insurance can provide plans, for cleaning, and routine x-rays with the care of dentists. Additionally, our dentists can take good care of your gums and teeth that come with affordable plans.


eye maintenance plans

We offer affordable vision plans that can provide a loaded benefit, including vision exams, and allowance for glass lenses.


plans for low income individuals

Also, we can provide plans to disabled, and individuals who have limited income resources. This plan is sometimes free, but the individual must meet some state-specific requirements.



The plans that we are offering are affordable to all individuals but are loaded with beneficial coverage.


This plan are eligible for all individuals, including disabled, and low-income individuals.



Also, we offer a wide range of insurance plans for better health of the home.


All types of families are eligible for this plan, including the children that are not more than 25 years of age.



We can offer plans to businesses that can help the workforce more productive, and healthy.


The employer can purchase the plan, and then the employees can be covered through the employer.

Affordable Healthcare Plans

Our marketplace is dedicated to expanding our access to cost-effective health care. In addition, we are equipping our employees with a lot of information with regards to health. This marketplace provides information to individuals so they can make the best plan decision for themselves and their employees. We offer plans that have comprehensive coverage, which can cover all the arising losses of the insured. Also, we can provide coverage for certain procedures, like bone marrow transplant through our insurance carriers. Additionally, we provide plans that can cover individuals from cancer and leukemia treatments, with the help of Health Care Service Corporation.

Affordable Healthcare Plans
Affordable Healthcare Plans

Together Let's Plan For Your Future

As of today, we are going beyond the limits of our capacity on giving innovative health care plans. Whether it is through medications or a new approach to health. We are providing a new approach to health, as the new diseases are also progressing. As of the 29th of January 2020, the World Health Organization declares that the Corona Virus is a global health emergency. Whereas, this virus, infected more than 80,000 people and kills more than 4000 people as of the present day. With this global health emergency, we are also innovating and increasing our way of giving plans, to help people stay well in body and mind.

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