Insurance Products

California Health Insurance offers other different insurance products that can cover personal and commercial property owners. We provide beneficial insurance services, that can surely cover the unforeseeable losses that an individual or group of individuals, might obtain in the future. This insurance service is a protection of the insured from financial losses that could occur anytime soon from the covered cause of losses. Additionally, these insurance services are often called transfer of risk. Click the read more button for more information about the different insurances.

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Health Insurance

Health insurance could provide payments of benefits resulting from the injury or sickness of the insured member. It covers losses from medical expenses, procedures for accidents, and dismemberment.

Dental insurance

Dental insurance could pay a portion of the insured’s costs that are associated with dental care. Usually, this insurance could help pay for basic dental surgical procedures and gum x-rays.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a type of insurance, where the insurer guarantees payments of a death benefit to the named beneficiaries, upon the death of the insured.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner insurance can cover the losses of the insured against covered losses. Homeowners insurance provides coverage to the insured and anyone that is living under the insured roof.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance covers individuals against losses that could arise from vehicular accidents. This type of insurance covers policyholders from a collision and comprehensive damages.

Motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance is a type of insurance that could cover the losses of motorcycle owners. Motorcycle insurance would cover all types of motorcycles, including sports bikes, and dual-sports bikes.

Condo Insurance

A condominium is a commercial or housing unit in a multi building complex. Condominium unit owners, individually own the interior of their unit.

Fire insurance

Fire insurance can cover the damages to the insured’s property that could arise from a fire. Fire insurance would cover the damages that are above the set limits of the insured's existing insurance policy.