What Is Motorcycle Insurance California?

Motorcycle insurance California is a type of insurance that could cover motorcycle drivers throughout California. This insurance would cover the driver against unforeseeable losses that could arise on the roads. Besides, this insurance can also include losses to the insured motorcycle, while the damages are due to comprehensive accidents. Motorcycle insurance California could cover all types of vehicles, including sports bikes, and dual-sports bikes. Furthermore, it can also include motorcycles such as scooters, adventure touring, and retro motorcycles. Motorcycle insurance policy could cover these motorcycles, one year, after the purchase date of the policy. Besides, if the proposed insured is active in doing sports motocross racing, he must consider purchasing this policy. Get a free quote here, and get yourself protected now.

Why Do You Need Fire Insurance Policy?

Motorcycle insurance is mandated insurance in some parts of California. However, in some parts of California, that do not prescribe this policy, requires the driver to hand-over a financial statement. This financial statement would determine the driver’s capability; if he would be able to pay liability expenses, in case, he caught an accident where he is the one at fault. Besides, it can also determine his capability if he has the capacity to pay for his medical expenses. Therefore, it is much better to purchase this policy to make sure that you will be financially protected if a loss occurs.

Accident Rate

As of the year 2019 until 2020, motorcycles account for more than 400 thousand crashes in California. Furthermore, these crashes resulted in more than 36% of an individual’s injuries. However, others procure fatality or are dead before they even arrive at the hospital. Due to these circumstances, the law requires every driver to have motorcycle insurance. Get a quote here now, for free, and get yourself protected against these circumstances.

Motorcycle Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance

Coverage Of The Policy

In California, federal law requires all motorcycle owners to procure minimum coverage of motorcycle insurance. Typical motorcycle insurance covers the damages to the vehicle that is due to collision and comprehensive accidents. For further information, here is the list of coverages a motorcycle insurance policy has.

Factors That Can Affect The Motorcycle Insurance Rate In California

Male drivers, especially younger ones, have a nature of being reckless. Therefore, these drivers tend to have a higher premium rate. However, this discrimination can be change if the male driver reaches the age of 25. On the other hand, female drivers usually get a lower premium rate; it is for the reason that female drivers are not as aggressive as males.

Youthful drivers, who particularly do not have farther driving experience, could technically garner a higher premium rate. However, some insurance companies take it into consideration and give the driver a premium rate discount if the youthful driver has driver training. Besides, they also provide discounts for students with good academic records. Premium rates for individuals ages 25 and up could get a lower premium rate, considering that they are more responsible for their actions than the younger ones.

The address of the proposed insured has a massive consideration in determining the premium rate of an individual. If the location of the individual has a high crime rate, it would technically lead to a higher premium rate.

Statistics show that married drivers have fewer accident rates than a single driver. It is for the reason that a married driver would rather spend their weekends with their family than the single drivers who mostly spend their weekends drinking with their friends.

The driver’s occupation is also used as a factor to consider in calculating the premium rate of an individual. Certain professions are more likely to procure losses, as a result of involvement in more traveling. These professions include food deliveries and couriers.  

How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance In California?

Motorcycle insurance varies differently on the type of motorcycle the proposed insured owns. Besides, the cost of this policy also depends on the use of the bike. For further illustration, suppose that the proposed insured wants to get its motorcycle insured, on where the insured uses it for doing a sports activity. This sports activity is also well known as motor racing. This proposed insured would technically get a higher premium rate, due to its high risk of procuring losses. Besides, this proposed insured will also need to consider purchasing higher medical payments and higher liability coverage limits — for a reason that motorcycle racing could also cause injury to other drivers when the proposed insured crash during the race. However, there are other factors that an insurer may consider calculating the cost of a premium rate. Here we will give the list of the factors.

Coverage Of Motorcycle Insurance In California

Collision coverage pays for the repair of the damages to the insured vehicle. Considering that the losses are due from colliding with another car. Besides, this coverage can also pay for the repair, if the damages are resulting from the vehicle colliding with another object. Incidents like hit-and-run damages would also be applicable for this coverage.

Comprehensive coverage covers damages to the motorcycle, resulting from damages other than collision. These other than collision damages include damages arising from fire, theft, and vandalism. Furthermore, it can also cover damages that are due to floods, earthquakes, and animal damages. This coverage is beneficial, particularly for seasonal drivers — for the reason that it can protect the motorcycle from possible losses while it is stored, or when it is not a riding season.

Bodily Injury

This coverage covers the cost of bodily injury the insured causes to others. For further illustration, suppose that the insured is riding his motorcycle daily. One morning the driver causes a road accident where the insured is at fault. Furthermore, other individuals also incur bodily injury due to the accident. In this case, the bodily injury liability coverage of the insured will kick in.

Property Damage

Property damages could cover the cost of repair to the third party’s property damages if the insured is held legally liable for the property damages. Suppose that the insured is the one who’s at fault on the accident, and the car he hit procures damages — and the other driver demands for the repair of his property. This coverage will kick in and will pay for the cost of repair for the other driver’s property damages.

This coverage covers the losses if the insured might experience an accident, where the party at fault does not have liability insurance to cover the insured from damages. Besides, if the party at fault does have liability insurance, it is not sufficient to cover the losses of the insured. This coverage works, as the liability coverage does. It could pay for the bodily injury and property damages that the insured incurs from the accident.

This coverage would pay for the cost of the medical expenses of the insured, regardless of who’s at fault.

This coverage is optional for all motorcycle insurance seekers. If the driver has customized parts on his motorcycle, it is better to add this coverage to his policy. It includes accessories such as luggage racks, saddlebags, fairings, and windshields. This coverage would cover the customized parts of the vehicle, for a specific amount limit only.

Minimum Liability Limit Requirements In California

Bodily Injury Limit To One Person (Per Accident) $15,000
Bodily Injury Limit To All Person (Per One Accident) $30,000
Property Damages Liability Limit 5,000
Motorcycle Insurance